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SS14 Must Have: Little White Dress!

Behind The Seams: The Blonds for Kylie Minogue

Posted on Wednesday, March 28, 2012

This is the second part of the “Get Outta My Way” fashion credits write-up (I promised to bring you a close-up of this one and wanted to keep my word).

The Blonds and moi were finally able to “meet” for a brief chat about the gold chain creation Kylie Minogue wore in the video (yes, the one she said sounded like Christmas).

You already know the piece was custom made for the video. What you most probably didn’t know was that Kylie herself came into The Blonds showroom and chose the materials she liked.

“We had the opportunity to really discuss with her the look and feel she wanted during the initial fitting. Then we designed it based on her color and material choices”, David and Phillipe told me and continued: “It was one of the most magical experiences working with her and a dream come true. She truly is like a fairy!”

The Gold Chain Piece weights approximately 35 pounds (almost 16 kg!) and below a close-up capture of this baby I was kindly sent for you.

And a “little” bonus.

Sketches of other two dresses The Blonds custom made for Kylie.

Bright white matter jersey gown with golden rope chain and strass waist cincher, golden and strass arm cuffs and gauntlets with chain leads attached to hem, for her performance at Gay Pride in Madrid (also featured in the Les Folies Aphrodite Tour Book).

And corset maille mini dress with claw spike, cone spike, ring mesh and gold strass detail, she wore for show at G-A-Y Heaven in London.

Photos: courtesy of The Blonds New York

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