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Super Bowl Halftime Show Complete Fashion Credits: What You Haven’t Read Anywhere Else!

Posted on Monday, February 20, 2012

A few hours after Madonna’s Super Bowl Halftime Show, after having watched the video for the first time, I contacted the stylist behind the most watched TV event in history, B. Åkerlund.

What I wanted was to publish complete fashion credits. We don’t see about 500 people featuring performances every day and since this site is about fashion credits from the music world, I decided I have to bring you all the details I possibly can. This show was a hell of ride for everybody from Madonna and her VIP invites, from dancers to extras, from B. to her assistants and interns, to beauty team, to each and every designer and label involved. A lot of time, energy and love was invested to this project and I believe all these people deserve the credits. And you my dears, you deserve to know all the details.

The day after the show I shared with you everything I knew and found out about Madonna, Nicki Minaj and M.I.A.’s looks and started to work on the dancers. I saw them wearing Japanese lace second skins, metallic accessories from my friends in Spain and a few accessories more I recognized, so I thought that bit by bit I can put together something nice for you.

Three days after the show I woke up to a big surprise. B. Åkerlund found some time in her super busy agenda for me to chat about the show!

B. patiently answered my questions, so here come the complete fashion credits for the Super Bowl Halftime Show, photos and sketches you most probably haven’t seen yet and details you won’t find anywhere else but here, on Music Fashionland.

B. and her team dressed Madonna, Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. (read the fashion credits here) plus…


Bespoke costumes custom made by Michael Schmidt.

Cee Lo

Custom design by created by DeMoulin & B. Åkerlund. Shoes Christian Louboutin. Black sequin robe Cee Lo’s own.

Dancing Dolls

All twenty ladies wore custom made uniforms by Falguni & Shane Peacock. White and silver leather boots custom made by Diego Dolcini. Wing head pieces by Maria Nilsdotter. Gloves LaCrasia.


Members of four different high school drumlines in Indiana were chosen to be part of Madonna’s Super Bowl XLVI halftime show: Fishers, Center Grove, Avon and Franklin Central High Schools. One hundred costumes were made by DeMoulin exclusively for B. Åkerlund.


Two hundred costumes designed by B. Åkerlund. Leave head pieces by Maria Nilsdotter. 70 singers from Madonna’s big night choir were from the Indianapolis Symphonic Choir.


There were 130 plus 20 gladiators on the Super Bowl stage. Madonna’s gladiators wore “M” chest pieces by Michael Schmidt.

Roman Ladies

Six ladies in custom made ivory silk chiffon, georgette and gold leather corseted gowns by Rami Kashou. Head bands Lynn Ban. Shoulder chains by Anaikka. Ankle wrap Bikini sandals by K. Jacques.

Dancers “Vogue”


Metal head piece from Manuel Albarran. “Egyptian Pharoah” collar by Anaikka. Chain mail vest MailleTec Industries. Harness ByBarak. Jeans Blk Dnm.


Metal grid shades by Assaad Awad for Maya Hansen SS12. Custom leopard catsuit by Emilio Cavallini. Gold top from Gareth Pugh AW11 collection. Leather Web Body harness by Fleet Ilya. Custom made gold Dr. Martens.


Seamless lace second skin by Somarta. Gold metal couture by Manuel Albarran. Dinosaur Bones Cuff bracelet from Noir Jewelry. Christian Louboutin Supra Fifre 120 button-up over the knee boots.


Gold leather head piece from Leather Designs by Cecilio Castrillo. Fish Scale necklace from Noir Jewelry. Custom leopard catsuit by Emilio Cavallini. Gold metal cuff by Manuel Albarran. Custom gold leather Dr. Martens.


Helmet and chest from Racanti. Jeans Blk Dnm.


Hat by Victoria Grant. Seamless lace catsuit by Somarta. Leather harness by Fleet Ilya. Leather breastplate from Leather Designs by Cecilio Castrillo. Scale gloves from Fannie Schiavoni AW11 collection. Metal thong by Manuel Albarran. Christian Louboutin over the knee boots.


Custom leopard catsuit by Emilio Cavallini. Fur vest by Adrienne Landau. Crystal Spike Mask by Erik Halley (looove!). Neck piece by Anaikka. Gold boots by Dr. Marten. Leather belt with flaps David Menkes.


Custom catsuit by Emilio Cavallini. Helmet from Racanti. Neck piece by Anaikka. Metal couture by Manuel Albarran. Gunmetal Dr. Martens.

Lil Buck

Helmet by Manuel Albarran. Fish Scale necklace from Noir Jewelry. Harness ByBarak. Custom Swarovski Wing Shoes by Jeremy Scott for Adidas Originals.


Catsuit by Emilio Cavallini. Headpiece by Erickson Beamon. Leather harness by Fleet Ilya. Metal couture Manuel Albarran. Christian Louboutin over the knee boots. Fur leg warmers by Adrienne Landau.


Catsuit by Emilio Cavallini. Metal Bird mask from Francesco Scognamiglio SS11 collection. Metal couture by Manuel Albarran. Classic Harness from Fleet Ilya. Christian Louboutin boots.


Chain mail top and fur: rental. Left glove and ring by Marjan Pejoski. Jeans by J Brand. Skirt from Armor Venue. Boots Dr. Martens.


His costume is a rental from Racanti. Jeans Blk Dnm. Custom gold Dr. Martens. Gloves LaCrasia.

Dancers “Music”

Jeremy Scott for Adidas Originals Music Note Suits. The track pants are already available at Adidas, jackets coming soon!

Slackliner Andy Lewis, a.k.a. Slacker Andy

With his performance during the most watched TV event in history, Andy orchestrated the biggest break ever for the emerging sport. His toga was made specially for his acrobatic moves. Necklace H&M. Special slackline shoes by Gibbon customized by B. Åkerlund.

And last but not least, B. Åkerlund‘s Super Bowl Halftime Show team. Without them the event wouldn’t have been the same:

Assistants: Rogelio Burgos, Mecca Cox, Christina Lewis and Tony Villanueva.
Interns: Lindsey Nolan, Nina Tiari, Naomi Kotter and Heather Grudon interns that they come from Luke Storey‘s School of Style.
Hair (Madonna): Andy Lecompte. Make-up: Gina Brooke.
Hair & wigs (dancers): Corvette Hunt & Mischelle Navar. Make-up: Frank Guyton.

Thanks again to B. for patiently answering all my questions and sharing with me the backstage captures taken by herself. And to Manuel Albarran and Erik Halley for kindly sending me photos of their creations for you.

Credit & Photos: courtesy of B. Åkerlund, Manuel Albarran, Erik Halley, Assaad Awad, Daylife, featured sites

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